Apple Authorized Service Provider

Apple Authorized Service Provider

Westgate Computers is pleased to offer service to all Apple® customers, whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions or government organizations. Per Apple’s strict standards we use genuine Apple® parts and our Apple® Certified Macintosh Technician will conduct the diagnostics, covered repairs, modifications, alterations and upgrades on your Apple® products. Westgate Computers can provide in-or-out of warranty service repairs as an Apple authorized service provider. Additionally, we offer expedited repairs for customers who wish to fast-track the repair process.

How to backup your device before bringing it in for repair:

Make a Service Appointment

·         Select “Service and Support” and follow steps pertaining to issues with your Apple product.

·         Select “Bring in for Repair”

·         Sign in with your Apple ID

·         Enter your location or zip code

·         Select Westgate Computers