Frequently asked questions about the Westgate Computers Trade-In Program

Westgate Computers' Trade-In Program is a simple way for our customers to retain value from used technology while helping the environment at the same time!

Notebooks and Desktops are accepted (Mac or PC) as well as iPads and iPhones.

Anyone 18 years old or older.


Westgate Computers contracts with PowerON Services Inc. to administer the program.

Visit the Trade-In Wizard to receive a quote for your item.

The value of your device will depend on a variety of factors, including the demand for your specific item in the secondary electronics market and its condition. When you visit Westgate Computer's Trade-In site, you'll answer a few simple questions about your item. Based on the information you provide, PowerON will determine the value of your item and display a quote instantly.

Westgate Computers partners with PowerON Services Inc. PowerON will determine the fair market value of used technology. You can trade-in any notebook or desktop computer (Mac or PC) and any iPad or iPhone. Learn More

Yes. Once your item is received it is evaluated for a final value. Should the final value differ from the original quoted value, you will receive an email explaining the change. Should you not accept the adjusted value, you may have your item returned to you at no cost.

You will receive an AMEX Gift Card within three weeks after PowerON receives the equipment.

Yes. Quotes are valid for 30 days. After a quote expires, you may request another quote.

We will offer an easy way for you to recycle your item responsibly.

PowerON recommends that you perform a complete backup and data wipe (erasure) of all the information on your old computer. and PowerON assume no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of personal data on equipment. While in transit to PowerON, any files or data left on your system may be accessible to others if data is not erased. If you are trading in a mobile device with a SIM card, please remove the SIM card prior to shipping it to PowerON.

PowerON will test and assess the equipment to determine if it qualifies for reuse. Qualifying equipment, tested in working condition, will be sold in the secondary electronics market as "used."

PowerON’s data erasure process includes complete data removal. PowerON recommends that you perform a complete backup and data wipe (erasure) of all the information on your old computer. Westgate Computers and PowerON have no responsibility for loss or confidentiality of customer data on reused or recycled equipment.

For equipment with a quoted value, a shipping label and packaging materials will be sent to you at no cost when you accept the quote. Shipping to PowerON is free. Westgate Computers and PowerON are not responsible for damage to your equipment during shipping.

Yes. There is a maximum per-box weight limit of 70 pounds.